Areas of activity


Notarial services
  • Property (sale, division, mortgage deeds, etc.)
  • Inheritance law (division, advance in lieu of inheritance, wills)
  • Business and management law
  • Company law (constitution, modification, etc.), mergers and acquisitions
Barrister / Advisor
  • Municipal registration
  • Contract law
  • Medical and health law
  • Administrative law
  • Building law
  • Land-use planning law
  • Hydroelectric power law
  • Family law
  • Leasing law
  • Employment law

Experience / Career


1984 – 2001 and from 2005 : Lawyer, notary and partner at Etude Délèze, Sierro, Pitteloud, later Cour de Gare, Avocats & Notaires

2004 : Master’s in Economics and Health Administration (University of Lausanne: HEC and Faculty of Medicine)

2001 – 2004 : Director of Sion Hospital

1985 : License to practise as a lawyer (Valais)

1984 : License to practise as a notary (Valais)

1982 : Degree in law from the University of Fribourg

Professional associations


Member of the Association des avocats valaisans and Fédération suisse des avocats

Member of the Association des Notaires valaisans and Fédration suisse des notaires


French, German, English

Other activities


Main political appointments

1991 – 1992 : President of the Grand Council of Valais (Parliament of the Canton of Valais)

1983 – 1993 : Member of the Grand Council of Valais

1993 – 2001 : President of Hérémence municipal council


Main voluntary appointments

1986 – 2001 : President of the Groupement de Population de montagne du Valais romand

1998 – 2001 : President and founder of the Association des communes concédantes (hydroélectriques)

1991 – 2001 : Committee member, Groupement suisse pour les régions de montagne (SAB)

1995 – 2001 : Committee member, Association Européenne des élus de la montagne (AEM)


Main professional commitments

General secretary of the Société médicale du Valais

Member of the Board of Directors, CTESIAS SA

President of the St-Joseph Foundation

Board member, Don Bosco – Ste-Agnès Foundation

President of the Foundation for Hospital Staff

Former director of Forces motrices valaisannes S.A. (FMV)

Former director of Rhonewerke A.G. (RHOWAG)

Former director of Energie Sion Région S.A. (ESR)

Former President of Valplantes

Former President of Forêt-Bois-Valais / Lignum Valais

Numerous other appointments in the areas of health, social affairs, industry, tourism and agriculture


Military service

Colonel – former Deputy to the Auditor-in-Chief of the Swiss army

Cour de Gare