Areas of activity

  • Family and personal law
  • Inheritance law
  • Rights in rem and property law
  • Commercial and contract law
  • Criminal law
  • Administrative law

Experience / Career


2005 : Lawyer and partner at Etude Délèze, Sierro, Pitteloud, later Cour de Gare, Avocats et Notaires (Sion)

2004 – 2006 : Lawyer at the Valais Department of Agriculture

2003 : License to practise as a lawyer (Valais)


French, German, English, Italian

Other activities


Since 2018 : Member of the Valais Constituent Assembly

Since 2015 : Deputy judge at Valais Cantonal Court

Since 2005 : Registrar and lawyer on the cantonal appeals committee on agricultural matters and land reorganisation

Since 2005 : Registrar and lawyer at the Child and Adult Protection Authority (APEA) in Nendaz

Professional associations


Member of the Association des avocats valaisans and Fédération suisse des avocats